Pawtucket CTE Pathways





Pawtucket School Department

CTE Pathways

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways in Pawtucket provide students with rigorous, academic and technical, hands-on experience as well as skills and knowledge necessary to be prepared for career opportunities, work-based learning experiences and higher education.  Our current CTE Pathways are:

  • Dance (JMW Arts School)

  • Music (JMW Arts School)

  • Theater (JMW Arts School)

  • Video & Film Production (JMW Arts School)

  • Visual Arts (JMW Arts School)

  • Government Administration (Shea High School)

  • Information Technology (Shea High School)

  • Pre-Engineering (Shea High School)

  • Finance (Tolman High School)

  • JROTC (Tolman High School)

  • Law & Public Safety (Tolman High School)

  • Marketing & Management (Tolman High School)

The following brochure outlines each of our CTE pathways available to our students at each High School in Pawtucket.  

Versión en español del folleto