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O primeiro dia de aula é 01/09/2021
O primeiro dia de aula é 01/09/2021
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COZ Afterschool Program Information -- Fall, 2021

    Información del programa extracurricular de COZ - Otoño de 2021

    Informações do programa COZ Afterschool - Outono de 2021

The COZ Elementary After School Program begin October 12.  The program will be held in-person at each of the 10 elementary schools.  The program runs Mondays through Thursdays for a total of 27 weeks, with the fall session being held from October 12- December 9.  The program starts directly after school and ends at 5:00 or 5:30 depending on the school.   To register, use this registration link: https://forms.gle/dzYzpJQjj4yUWNqr8.  As we are still recovering from COVID, there will be no charge.  For questions, contact: Jane Blanchette at (401) 305-7715 – blanchettej@psdri.net.

El programa extracurricular de la escuela primaria COZ comienza el 12 de octubre. El programa se llevará a cabo en persona en cada una de las 10 escuelas primarias. El programa se ejecuta de lunes a jueves por un total de 27 semanas, y la sesión de otoño se lleva a cabo del 12 de octubre al 9 de diciembre. El programa comienza directamente después de la escuela y termina a las 5:00 o 5:30 dependiendo de la escuela. Para registrarse, utilice este enlace de registro: https://forms.gle/dzYzpJQjj4yUWNqr8Como todavía nos estamos recuperando de COVID, no habrá ningún cargo. Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con: Jane Blanchette al (401) 305-7715 - blanchettej@psdri.net.

O Programa COZ Elementary After School começa em 12 de outubro. O programa será realizado pessoalmente em cada uma das 10 escolas de ensino fundamental. O programa vai de segunda a quinta-feira por um total de 27 semanas, com a sessão de outono sendo realizada de 12 de outubro a 9 de dezembro. O programa começa logo após as aulas e termina às 5:00 ou 5:30 dependendo da escola. Para se registrar, use este link de registro: https://forms.gle/dzYzpJQjj4yUWNqr8Como ainda estamos nos recuperando do COVID, não haverá cobrança. Em caso de dúvidas, entre em contato com: Jane Blanchette em (401) 305-7715 - blanchettej@psdri.net.

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Low Cost Internet Options


What is Connect2Compete? 
Connect2Compete (C2C) is a national nonprofit initiative, aiming to bring students and families online by 
providing $9.95/month high‐speed Internet, low‐cost refurbished computers and free digital literacy 
training to families nationwide. For 2 years, there are no price increases, no activation fees, and no 
equipment rental fees associated with the high‐speed Internet program. 

Who is eligible for the $9.95 Cox high‐speed Internet through C2C? 
Families with at least one child receiving free school meals through the National School Lunch Program 
(NSLP) are eligible for the $9.95 Cox home Internet service. In addition, families cannot have subscribed 
to Cox Internet service within the last 90 days, have any outstanding debt or unreturned equipment 
with Cox. Families who do not meet these criteria may be directed to connect2compete.org to learn about other 
offers that may be available to them.  


How should families apply for Cox’s low‐cost Internet service through C2C? 
Eligible families can apply online by visiting www.connect2compete.org/cox or calling toll free 1‐855‐

Connect2Compete is a program to provide home Internet service and computers for families.  It is not a school program, and is not endorsed or required by your school. Your school is not responsible for Connect2Compete accounts.  

Other Internet Options for Students