Component  Element (if Applicable)
 Where do Educators Submit Evidence?
 Due Date 
Reflecting on Practice

*Note: This element has been revised to be more "global" and include reflecting on practice, not just one lesson that is taught. Teachers may choose to do a reflection on the lesson they teach for their Formal Observation, but it is not required.

Six (6) school days
prior to Summative Conference
Communicating with Families

 Six (6) school days
prior to Summative Conference
Showing Professionalism
Maintaining Accurate Records &
Commitment to Professional Standards
Growing & Developing Professionally
Growing & Developing in Professional Learning Community
Evidence for Approval of Professional Growth Goal (PGG)
(See Samples in Resources section above. Educators can copy and paste into EPSS. As written, PGG's are Effective, may be made Highly Effective if benchmarks are added)
 See Yearly Evaluation Due Dates
Evidence of Attainment of Professional Growth Goal (PGG)
 frontline  Six (6) school days
prior to Summative Conference