Jury Duty Instructions

Jury Duty Process


Step 1: Receiving a jury duty summons.

- You will send a copy of your jury duty summons to the Payroll Office, either by inter-office mail, scan (to or fax (to 401-729-9247)

Step 2: We confirm receipt of your summons.

- You will receive an email from Frontline (formerly Aesop) confirming that we have received your summons and entered the absence. This email will also have further instructions and information.

Step 3: You go to jury duty.

- Make sure to inform Cindy Antypas if your jury duty service is extended, shortened or cancelled. If your jury duty is cancelled, report to work as normal.

Step 4: You receive pay for jury duty service (Rhode Island & Federal court systems)

- You will send a copy of the check to the Payroll Office, either by inter-office mail, scan (to or fax (to 401-729-9247). You will keep the check

Step 5: We adjust your pay.

- In your subsequent pay check, your salary will be reduced by the amount of your jury duty pay.

Please Do Not...

Send Payroll the actual jury duty check

Send summons to Human Resources

Send jury duty checks to Accounts Payable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I contact with questions?

A. Cindy Antypas, Payroll & Benefits Supervisor ( or 401-729-6324)

Q. Why does my pay get reduced?

A. It is the school department practice, backed by contract provisions in both the AFT and AFSCME contracts, to pay employees who serve on jury their regular salary with any pay for their jury service subtracted. 

(Article VII, Section 10 of the Pawtucket Teacher's Alliance contract and Article 14 of the AFSCME Local 1352 contract)